Friday, 29 March 2013

[GET] Intelligent Traffic by General Lee [PROXYDELAYSPOOF+MORE!]

Intelligent Traffic

Description: This bot is developed to send artificial traffic to the website of your choice. Once on site, it'll click on links to navigate to inner pages of the site not only once, but it's capable of navigating to a 2nd tier inner page. I've been tracking it and it looks like it gives about 5% bounce. Each artificial visitor will navigate the site in a different manor giving a much more realistic impression.

This bot is a little different that other traffic bots as it navigates through the targeted site by actual "clicks".

For example traffic goes to > >

-Proxy supported
-Spoofs user agent with a massive list (iphone, android, IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, etc etc)
-Multi threaded
-Spoofs referral
-Option to navigate to 2nd tier deep inner page
-Option to shut off images (save bandwidth)
-Track number of visits
-Random delays

Know bugs:
-Gets a little buggy using more than 20 threads unless you have tons of RAM or your running it on a VPS/Dedi


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