Friday, 29 March 2013

SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.2.1221.5

Editor's review:

Perform Synchronization manually or automatically; Sync specified users/computers of Organizational Unit (OU) ; Sync user/computer information from Active Directory to SharePoint list.
Features: Active directory synchronization profiles can be customized by this tool. SharePoint AD Information Sync provides a short-cut to set Active Directory sync to a SharePoint List based on profile synchronization. One AD-sync profile can set one-way sync from AD to one SharePoint list. With more sync profiles, you can gather information from multiple AD to one SharePoint List or from one AD to multiple SharePoint lists. AD information Sync provides an easy way to relate active directory information to SharePoint list. This list is based on profile synchronization. AD profile settings determine the kind of customization of the sync that happens. Sync profiles help you customize the active directory sync. The machine or the user you want to sync is specified by organizational unit (OU). Specific accounts can be excluded, if required, in the sync setting. LDAP queries also can specify the sync. You are able to operate sync manually or at scheduled times.
The sequence of things to be done for setting up a AD sync profile you need to select the SharePoint list object and set the AD login details. Then the LDAP query string is modified or a OU is selected. Lastly set up the column mapping for synchronization. Once the profile is saved manual sync can start. Alternately set schedule times for the sync activity. The AD information sync timer job feature will need to be activated in Manage Web features.
Overall: Directed at a specific task in a specific niche, it does its work.

Publisher's description:

Have you found a method to list AD users in SharePoint? Or would you like an easier and more convenient way to update your AD information and simultaneously update lists in SharePoint?
SharePoint AD Information Sync provides permitted users bidirectional synchronization therefore, keeping your AD information and SharePoint updated (which includes photos, employee type, and user login name attributes). There is also a log that records all activities for locating erroneous entries whether it is done manually or automatically.
SharePoint AD Information Sync simplifies listing AD users in SharePoint and it keeps your information up-to-date.

SharePoint AD Information Sync provides a short-cut to synchronize information in AD with SharePoint lists based on profile synchronization
Information can be synced from AD to a SharePoint list either manually or automatically at desired intervals. Meanwhile modifications made to SharePoint lists can be synced back to AD.
SharePoint AD Information Sync has the capacity to allow for column mapping between AD fields and SharePoint list column to ensure accurate syncing of information.

SharePoint AD Information Sync allows you to set a sync schedule to only sync information whenever it is required.The AD information that needs to be synced can be specified by Organizational Unit (OU) and LDAP query string. Specific items that meet certain customized conditions are allowed to be excluded when configuring the AD sync settings. You can also exclude any user/group directly from the sync process. A sync log is provided enabling all sync activities to be logged and accessed at the administrator's convenience 

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